Reason behind the name “ Journalist cafe “

Name signifies the casual yet serious way of putting our thoughts behind every story that matters. In a cafe people sit and express their views generously and explore the other person’s views too. Similarly this is a platform for a journalist to express their views liberally, freely & realistically. We represent the present day demand of the need to run our ideas by smart, broadminded, thoughtful, stories. Journalist cafe will be the theme of open follow up stories and write ups where people can explore the foresight of journalism.

Content Of Journalist Cafe

The journalism we follow is not of routine in nature, we go indepth & do the follow up story, to give insight of the realistic world surrounding that story. Our stories show a fresh & positive aspect of the content. An article fattened with our target keywords doesn’t necessarily say anything negative about story and it will be helpful for our readers. Readers will find something new and surprising, and that usually comes after a process of tough inquiry. We provide platform to all the stories & information which should be known to the world but it doesn’t come to light as they lack the commercial quotient, they all get a place in Journalist Cafe. Journalist Cafe will put the follow-up stories to demonstrate the reality hidden behind. Our motive is to brighten up the hidden stories in a positive manner for our readers. Journalist Café will display how new media is creating a new style of journalism be it be political, social or human in nature, and will help journalists on the move. Our Journalists will refrain from sounding self-authoritative. Instead, they go out and find people who are actual authorities – both internally and externally. Then they use their research and intellectual skills to get to the heart of the topic. Original reporting tactics like these elevate a piece of click bait into something that will actually benefit our readers.

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